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"The purpose of our dictionary is to present meanings of words as people use them, not to establish by fiat the equation of something with something else, or to tell people what words should mean rather than what they do mean in actual English usage."
Thomas Pitoniak
Associate Editor, Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition

"When you're sure of your own beliefs, and are confident they require no further labeling, you tend to use labels only as an insult to the other side. After all, when was the last time you heard someone call themselves as "right-wing" in everyday conversation?"
Patrick Ruffini
The Ruffini Web

"In the animal kingdom, the rule is eat or be eaten; in the human kingdom, define or be defined."
Thomas Szasz
"The Second Sin," Doubleday

"Remove hatred and the labels we give each other, and replace them with compassion."
Hakim Ouansafi
President, Muslim Association and Islamic Center of Hawaii
Sept. 15, 2001

"Those who control the adjectives win."
Larry Abraham

"Left and right, liberal and conservative, radical and reactionary — all are words of the past that divide people. I say scrap them. When adjectives are absolutely necessary, let's at least try to be more specific.
Mark Skousen
President, Foundation for Economic Education
June 1990, Liberty Magazine

"Ronald Radosh is an academic historian ... a former leftist who has joined the political right. The second description, in itself, tells us little: There are many lefts and many rights, especially now that the events of 1989 have turned the political spectrum into a Jackson Pollock painting. Once the world gets turned upside down, you never know where the people who once sat securely atop it will fall."
Jesse Walker
Reason Magazine, "Lobotomies, Socialist and Capitalist: A gossipy journey from left to right."
r 2001

"Calling Pat Robertson or William F. Buckley's mother 'Talibanic' is about as accurate, and as enlightening, as calling Ronald Reagan a Nazi or Bill Clinton a communist. We'd like to propose a moratorium on such slanders, which are a poor substitute for thought."
James Taranto
"Best of the Web Today," The Wall Street Journal
March 6, 2001

"Conservatism in much of the world is situational."
Jonah Goldberg
National Review Online
July 24, 2003